Rob Ryan

‘Faerie Heart’ by Livi Michael

Posted by on Wednesday 21st January, 2009


I have just received proofs from Puffin of a jacket design I did for them for last year, it’s a story set in what I would call the dark ages, the inspiration for me for this was the title of William Manchester’s book on the dark/early middle ages, ‘A World lit only by fire’. I dont really make comment on anything besides my work on this blog thing but I think it would be unnatural to not mention Obama’s inauguration yesterday. As the husband to a black woman and the father of mixed race children my heart yesterday was bursting with happiness and pride yesterday that such a good thing could happen in this world. I abhor patriotism of any sort and as a UK citizen the only Queen I recognise is Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, yet the significance of yesterday meant so much more than all of the flag waving and whether it was tears of happiness or sadness or whatever I found myself crying over and over again all through the day.