Rob Ryan

Edward Ardizzone, pen & ink drawing

Posted by on Friday 26th February, 2010

This small pen and ink drawing by the italian sounding english illustrator Edward Ardizzone hangs on the wall to the left of the TV at home and I often find my gaze being drawn away from the box to this little picture. I like pictures that seem to hold a hidden story, what is this […]

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Maira Kalman

Posted by on Thursday 25th February, 2010

Hello, now the new website is up and running and the blog showcasing new stuff should be starting up on a regular basis,(I’ve just done the maddest starriest papercut ever – New Stuff Blog) this blog is going to be as promised a bit more diverse. I thought I might share with you some […]

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Misterrob goes LIVE!

Posted by on Thursday 18th February, 2010

Misterrob is now , I believe the term is – ‘LIVE’. Finally my website returns. We are still adding lots of old stuff to the back catalogue – but it will continue to grow and grow. On this new website there will be a blog feature that will be similar to this one, just general […]

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