Rob Ryan

Wild & Wolf

Posted by on Sunday 12th September, 2010


At the studio we do enjoy creating and making products to sell online, in my shop ‘Ryantown’ and 3 or 4 selected suppliers, unfortunately that is about all the quantity that we can handle.
In the last year we have been inundated by requests from all over asking if they can stock the wares and I have always had to regretfully decline because we just cant produce that much stuff without becoming a factory, so for the past year I have been working with a licensing company – Wild and Wolf – on producing a small range of products with them that will be more generally available.
These should be in the shops for November and include some stationary, ceramics, bags, umbrellas, and and more .. I think there’s a watering can too !
I was always very reticent to cross the line into any form of mass production because I have produced a lot of stuff in the studio myself and always retained total control – if I was to ‘let it go’ then I was worried the quality could slip and nightmares ensue. The best thing about working with W & W is my principle contact is a very old friend Marlene who would be devastated if I was unhappy with anything – and this is the biggest and best reason for I am working with them, thank you Marlene.