Rob Ryan

My 25 Year old self

Posted by on Friday 6th January, 2012


I was asked by the publishers, Sceptre, to write a bit about 25 year-old self to celebrate their 25th birthday. They have published various writers’ stories of being 25 in this little book. If its too small to read, here is what it says:

‘I turned 25 in November 1987, when I was in my final year at the Royal College of Art. I got married to my wife Lorna who I had been going out with since I was 18 and we had been living together since we were 19. Since then our two daughters have been born, gone to school, university and left home and now it is 25 years later, and once more its just me and Lorna at home together – as the great Gilbert O’Sullivan sang, ‘alone again naturally’

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