Rob Ryan

Valentines Day Screenprint 2012

Posted by on Thursday 19th January, 2012



Every year I do a special Valentine’s Day print for all you helpless romantics out there !

Here’s this years one ! It measures 28.5 x 35cm and you can get one for £120 from my shop Ryantown in London or on the internet from my etsy shop by clicking this link

The print comes in 3 slightly different versions, man & woman, woman & woman and man & man.

And the words on the prints read.

‘All of the thoughts that I have held inside me ever since I was very small, silly fancies, grandiose ideas and embarrassing and happy and silly dreams that were always just mine and mine alone.
Could I share with you, and you alone, everything that lives inside my heart and my head that I have never shared with anyone but myself all of the years I have lived so far until now.’