Rob Ryan

Chelsea Flower Show Seed Booklet

Posted by on Thursday 6th June, 2013


For the Chelsea Flower Show Rob created special seed booklets to give out to all the visitors to our re-treat. The seeds are a mixture of a variety of wildflower, including foxglove, evening primrose,  cornflower, common knapweed and ox-eye daisy, to name a few.


To make the booklet the whole image is exposed on to screen, which is then printed on to one single piece of sugar paper. The paper is then cut along the centre section so it can be folded into a booklet.

The next stage, is to measure out 1gram of the wildflower seeds and pour this carefully into the small white envelope ready to be stuck down to the front of each booklet.





Inside, you will find some advice and tips to help you plant and take care of your seeds. I mentioned in the previous post, we planted some of our seeds here at the studio, and as you can see from the photo below, they have already started to grow!




The Wildflower shop where we bought our seed mix were kind enough to send me the above photograph of how the seeds will blossom after year one, I can’t wait!

Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant