Rob Ryan

‘In Rye’ New Mug

Posted by on Monday 29th July, 2013

‘Do you remember when we walked arm in arm around the narrow cobbled streets? The sun high and hot that summer afternoon? That day belonged to us and us alone. Do you remember the small shops we visited and the lunch we shared. That day will stay with me forever. ”I think we could be […]

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NEW! Plate Edition

Posted by on Tuesday 23rd July, 2013

‘Scraped in the sand on a beach or scratched on a toilet wall, written on a postcard or felt-penned on a poster in a bus shelter in Birmingham and now living for just a few brief seconds on this single tear I tell you one more time that I Love You.’ This new edition of […]

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The Truants by John Walsh

Posted by on Monday 22nd July, 2013

It seems these days that anything and everything is available just by typing a few words into the google search bar, but it’s not true. For years if I ever saw a book that had been illustrated by Edward Ardizzone I would buy it  just to discover yet more of his beautiful pen and ink […]

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A great show in a gallery in a school in the Kent countryside

Posted by on Sunday 21st July, 2013

On a recent visit to Marlborough our friend Sasha Ward, the genius Glass window designer, was raving recently about a great exhibition she had seen of drawings/paintings of surgeons doing their work in operating theatres by the sculptor Barbara Hepworth at the Pallant House gallery, unfortunately the show had already finished ! Boo ! Looking […]

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V&A Lasercut ‘You Are My Universe’

Posted by on Friday 19th July, 2013

Earlier this year the Victoria and Albert Museum invited Rob to create an exclusive piece for their shop. Rob worked closely with the V & A to create ‘You Are My Universe’, a limited edition lasercut, part of a collection of artworks designed to make the perfect wedding gift. The lasercut is a limited edition […]

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Australian Vogue August 2013

Posted by on Wednesday 17th July, 2013

Rob was recently asked by Australian Vogue to illustrate six pages for their ‘Love’ issue. Six of this season’s must-have fashion accessories were chosen by Vogue Australia and Rob created a papercut piece for each of them, from a Burberry bag to a Dolce & Gabbana crown. The images above show the work in progress, […]

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Umbrella Plate Edition

Posted by on Tuesday 9th July, 2013

Over the past few months Rob finished working on some new etchings, the editions are are available to buy exclusively through TAG Fine Arts and you can see them all here. Within the pages of our latest SPQR newspaper you can read Rob’s thoughts behind making his etchings. He etches the drawing with the tip […]

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