Rob Ryan

NEW! Plate Edition

Posted by on Tuesday 23rd July, 2013

‘Scraped in the sand on a beach or scratched on a toilet wall, written on a postcard or felt-penned on a poster in a bus shelter in Birmingham and now living for just a few brief seconds on this single tear I tell you one more time that I Love You.’


This new edition of plates is the second to be produced from Rob’s etchings, and as promised here is a look at the plates being made here at Ryantown HQ.


The plates were screen-printed in three stages, in colour order, grey, brown for the eye and black. They were then cover-coated to create the transfer for the plate.


Each plate is signed and numbered on the back in gold lustre and reads ‘ Go stare at a guy with no legs and see how lucky you are!! Printed and fired at The Mangle studio. Temple St, London, E2. Robert Ryan. This plate is an edition # of 22’


Louise Renforth

Studio Assistant