Rob Ryan

Staffordshire Cat Edition: Part 2

Posted by on Thursday 1st August, 2013

Our new edition of Staffordshire cats are at last complete and I am very excited to write this post about the final stages involved in the of making them.


The cats cheeks, paws and tail were carefully painted by hand using water based on-glaze ceramic blue ink, and their eyes were painted green. They were then fired in our kiln.


Next, cross-hatching was added in small sections to the bottom part of each cat. The cross hatch pieces were cut to size to fit around the paws and tail.  After this stage they were fired again in the kiln.


The backs of each cat are all signed by Rob and numbered in lustre too.


Each cat comes individually packaged in it’s very own screenprinted box, Rob did a special drawing for the front of the box and below you can see Tom printing them at The Mangle studio.


The cats are an edition of 15 pairs and are priced at £295. They will be available to buy from our shop, Ryantown, this weekend and also from our etsy shop too.



Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant
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