Rob Ryan

NEW Plate Edition: ‘Dreamed The Same Dreams…’

Posted by on Tuesday 10th December, 2013

Based on the success of our two previous plate editions, Rob decided to produce a new edition of our ‘Dreamed The Same Dreams’ plate in a new colourway.  The words read ‘Even though I know we dreamed the same dreams I still wish that we’d known each other as children’ . We originally produced this plate in June this year, you can read all about the previous plates in my post from June 11th 2013. For these previous editions we did a lot of colour sampling in the early stages, so were able to look at these plates when it came to choosing the colours for this new edition.

Here is a look at the plates being made here at Ryantown HQ.


Rob’s drawing is screen printed with ceramic ink then a cover coat, this creates a decal transfer for the plate. The decal is then delicately placed on to each plate by hand, taking care to smooth out any creases or bubbles which may appear in the image.


It is important to make sure the image lies smoothly on the plate because any bubbles increase the chance of the decal becoming damaged when it is being fired at such a hot temperature in the kiln. We place the words on the back of the plate in the same way, with both the front and back being fired at the same time, as you can see here.


However, there is a separate and final firing in our kiln once Rob has initialled the back of the plate in lustre, the reason for this is the lustre has to be fired at a lower temperature.

making3Here is the final plate, it is an edition of 20 and is signed and numbered on the back by Rob in copper lustre. The plates are now available to buy directly from our online shop and at Ryantown too.



Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant