Rob Ryan

St. Valentine’s Day Lasercut 2014

Posted by on Monday 27th January, 2014

Every year Rob releases something special for Saint Valentine’s Day and 2014 is no exeption! This year Rob has adapted one of the pieces from his recent show ‘There Is Only Time’  for a new Valentine’s lasercut. The image below shows the original hand cut piece which was on display at Sims Reed Gallery in October last year, it is titled ‘Why Not Us Too?’

VASEThe lasercut reads, ‘Stars and planets are held in place by the power of gravity and the tiny nucleus of an atom cannot live without its fellow protons and neutrons. The leaf cannot survive away from its tree just as much as the tree needs the soil in which it lives. When the part becomes separated from the whole it withers and dies. If everything in the universe is connected to each other then why not us too?’


This lasercut is possibly the most ambitious yet in terms of delicacy and we have produced it in three separate editions. One detailing a man and woman, another with a man and man and another showing a woman and woman.

man man


Each lasercut comes in its own pale grey folder, is numbered, and is signed by Rob too.


Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant