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Farewell to The Mangle!!

Posted by on Monday 23rd June, 2014

At the end of this month we are moving out of our print studio, The Mangle, Temple Street, in East London where Rob has worked for the past 15 years. The Mangle has always been a shared studio space and when Rob first moved in he worked alongside fellow artists Dan Holliday  (who has shared the space with Rob to this day), Danny Inwards and Hayley Walters.


Crown Works Open Yard Day, July 2001

When I first completed my work experience with Rob in January 2007 he worked in a small shared space upstairs in the building. The Peepshow Collective occupied the space downstairs at the time and there was a shared communal kitchen too. It was a brilliant placement, with Rob, Hazel and myself all busy working together around one big table.



By the time I had finished University in June 2008 Rob had expanded hugely and had moved to a larger downstairs space in the building. In 2009, Rob needed to expand further and acquired an additional new studio very close by on Teesdale Street where we work from today. The downstairs space at The Mangle was used as our print studio from this time onwards and whenever a new print or product was created it would be run a few streets across for Rob to proof.


                                                                          Images above by Jonty Wilde ©

We have been incredibly lucky to share the space with some great artists and designers over the years. Including the brilliant skate company Love N Skate who have been at The Mangle for the past six years, they are moving to a new space in Bruce Grove. We wish Love N Skate and Dan Holliday the best of luck at their new studios – we will miss you guys!



Rob has so many memories of his time at The Mangle, it is hard to say goodbye, but we are looking forward to the start of this new chapter. We’re rearranging things within our studio to fit the print equipment in and this involves a big clear out so to mark the occasion, Rob and residents past and present at The Mangle are having one last yard sale on 28th June.


Samples and seconds will be available at bargain prices, so please come down and help us bid a fond farewell. The sale starts at 10am so amke sure to get there early to avaoid dissapointment!

Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant


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