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New Height Rulers 2014

Posted by on Friday 29th August, 2014

We have been working on producing a brand new edition of height rulers at Ryantown HQ. Here is an exclusive look at the stages involved in the creation of Rob’s rulers.

The wood is prepared and cut down to size for us by our good friend Graham of Graham Smith Making. Each plywood ruler is then sanded down so the surface is smooth and easy for Tom to screenprint on later in the process.



Last week, we had the help of Archie, our brilliant work experience, who did a great job helping to prepare the rulers. The edges were painted red, followed by a strip of colour down one side for the measurements to be printed on top.


For each step in the process Rob selected a colour for Tom to mix up. Rob gave direction on the placement of the clouds along the length of the ruler before Michelle and Tom set to work. No two rulers are exactly the same as each cloud has been painted by hand.



IMG_2642Once dry, Tom was then able to screenprint the final layer on top of the clouds. This is the part you see on the ruler with Rob’s words. The image has to be printed in two parts as the ruler is too long to fit under the print bed.


IMG_2674 Finally, the rulers are carefully checked over before Rob signs and numbers each one.


The rulers are in an edition of 24 and read: ‘ As each year went by, and each day I got one more day older and hairier and cleverer and sillier, I ran so fast and talked and drank 7up. Until, Until, one day I discovered how thrilling it could be to walk around slowly and take my time. Looking at the things in my town as they passed me by, savouring them and enjoying them. And as i walked I realised the futility of anger. I resolved not to return cruelty with more cruelty but to always rise above it!!! I determined myself never to be dragged down to the miserable depths of their angry and bitter existences.but to always return a frown with a grin, and a scowl with a smile and a song. And I grew and grew as quickly as I could believing in forgiveness rather than holding a grudge and as I grew I slowly realised that every thing that is supposed to be in heaven is already here on earth.’


They are now available to buy from our online shop and from Ryantown on Columbia Road from this weekend.

Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant