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Posted by on Friday 17th October, 2014

We’ve been working hard in the studio to bring you lots of exciting things in the run up to Christmas …. here’s just a taste of whats coming up!!

These milk bottles have been a labour of love but we think well worth the effort – we hope you agree!!!

flower milk bottle

Glassware is always a little tricky to work with as we need to get the firing temperatures spot on. After a few melted bottles we sourced some ink which meant we could fire the glass at a lower temperature.


Rob created a design especially for this bottle which was screenprinted before being applied to the glass in sections by hand and fired in our kiln.


The single flower vase reads: ‘We never needed a garden because just one single flower was enough. Made in London Ryantown 2014’. Available now online and in Ryantown this weekend.

Rob’s next book ‘The Kingdom Revealed’ is out next week on the 23rd October!!


This book follows on from ‘The Invisible Kingdom’ and see’s the young King having left his duties on the throne behind desperately trying to forge a normal life for himself in the outside world. This book is about appreciating the every day and discovering what matters most.


IMG_3171We are working on creating a special print which you’ll receive if you order both this and ‘The Invisible Kingdom’ together!! Watch this space for more details on this and for book signing dates and locations too!!!

After the success of our first edition of clocks we have printed a second two colour edition in blue.


The artwork is screenprinted on wood and reads:

‘There is no such thing as free time.
There is no such thing as work time.
There is no such thing as play time.
There is no such thing as spare time.
There is no such thing as the right time.
There is no such thing as down time. 
There is no such thing as quality time.
There is no such thing as the wrong time.

There is only time.

I am Theresa and Tom Ryan’s son and I don’t feel a need to belong. I’m lost in this universe for a brief speck of time.

Too short for saluting flags or bowing to kings. I draw and write and dream and then puff I’m gone.’


There is a great bright orange print on the back which reads:

OK! This clock picture thing was printed at Ryantown H.Q. screenprinting studio, Teesdale Street, London E2 by T.Camp. G.Smith cut the wood up. Robert Ryan did the art stuff bit, and that’s that! October 2014.’

The new edition of clocks will be available early November.

I hope thats gives you an idea of whats coming up ….. watch this space – there’s lots more where this came from!!!

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant