Rob Ryan

Ryantown Staffordshire Dogs Part 2

Posted by on Friday 10th October, 2014

After a long summer the Staffordshire Dogs we were sculpting in the studio are now finally complete!! The pair of dogs have been modeled in clay based on drawings and direction from Rob.


The final stages involved making small tweaks in the shapes to make the pair look as similar as possible whilst still having individual character (believe me this was much harder than it looks!!) and making the surfaces as smooth as possible so that the finish is perfect for applying decals.



To make sure everyone knows the shape of these dogs was created by Rob here at at the studio and that it is completely unique Rob created a rubber ‘R’ stamp which he pushed into the backs of the dogs to imprint his ‘RR’ signature.




Rob has taken the dogs up to Staffordshire today and delivered them by hand to our mould maker. From here a mould will be created from these shapes by expert hands. This will then enable multiple pairs of blanks to be made from the mould for Rob to decorate. This is good news for those of you on our Staffordshire ceramics waiting list ….. we will have a new edition of Staffordshire Dogs coming soon – watch this space!!

We’ll update you on the next steps of the production process from the mould maker in Staffordshire.

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant



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