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Posted by on Tuesday 18th November, 2014

Rob recently collaborated with friends Helen and Colin David of English Eccentrics on their latest project, The Scarf Gallery.

And Most Of All Turquoise007 Scarf H

Launched in 1983, English Eccentrics earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most eclectic and innovative fashion labels and was particularly recognised for its distinctive and influential textile designs. Their pieces feature in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of London.

The Scarf Gallery showcases the work of contemporary artists on the printed scarf. Helen and Colin drew inspiration for The Scarf Gallery from the work of artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Dufy, Moore and Warhol who explored the creative possibilities of printing on silk.

Rob worked closely with Helen and Colin with the intended outcome of creating wearable works of art. Helen advised Rob on the placement of the artwork, taking different ways of wearing the scarves into consideration.

You work at it Red Square 946416 H

You work at it Red Scarf 947022 H web

Rob’s artworks were adapted from his recent show, There Is Only Time, to fit both a square and rectangular scarf shape.

I Still Wish008 Black Peach SquareH web


I Still Wish Black Peach 012H web

Helen advised with silk printing techniques and cleverly captured the essence of Rob’s papercuts in the print using shadow. The scarves are available in a number of colourways which Helen and Rob worked closely to develop.

I Still Wish016 H web

Rob’s scarves are now available exclusively from The Scarf Gallery.

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant

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