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Japanese Noren

Posted by on Saturday 10th January, 2015

After a nice long break we are back in the studio and looking forward to all the exciting things 2015 has in store!!

Rob is taking inspiration from Japanese noren and fabric signs which he has collected on previous trips to Japan. Noren are traditional fabric dividers hung between rooms, in doorways, on walls and in windows.


Rob began working on some initial fabric prints late last year, the prints are filling the studio with colour! Here are some exclusive behind the scenes images of the work in progress.


Rob began by working with simple stencils which were then individually transferred onto silk screen. Tom printed each layer by layer in several colours to give lots of options for Rob to work with.


After building up the print the final fabric pieces were sewn around the edges to stop them fraying. A thin piece of bamboo was inserted across the top so that the banner is lightly structured.


This next print is made up of even more layers, here are some images of the stages involved.



IMG_3401 IMG_3400  After each layer has been printed Rob will take a look and discuss the next stage of the print with Tom.  IMG_3412



Once we have narrowed all the colours down we will create a small edition of the banners which will be available soon in Ryantown!

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant


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