Rob Ryan

Limited Edition Freckles Mug

Posted by on Thursday 18th February, 2016

We’re pleased to reveal our first product of 2016, a brand new limited edition ceramic mug.

Rob began by drawing the artwork which was inspired by a painting he had recently done. It was re-drawn several times before he arrived at a design he was happy with.


The artwork was then scanned and filled on the computer by Rob’s assistant, Libby, to create the artwork in silhouette. This could then be transferred onto silkscreen.

Josh, our printer, printed the design in three separate colours before a cover coat was applied over the top. This creates the decal transfer which can then be applied to the ceramic surface.

After application each mug was checked over to ensure no bubbles of air had become trapped between the ceramic and the decal. A scalpel was used to pop any air pockets that may have formed.


Rob then initialed and numbered each mug before they were fired in batches in our kiln.



The mug is now available in a small edition of 50 and reads: ‘I love your every single freckle! And I am going to kiss each one!!!’

Freckles Mug 2

Freckles Side

Freckles Mug Front

MUG base

To read a more in-depth account of the making of our studio ceramics you can do so here.

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant

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