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‘Let People Live and Work’ Skateboard with Lovenskate

Posted by on Thursday 16th June, 2016

Rob has been working in collaboration with Lovenskate to create the ‘Let People Live and Work’ Skateboard. The board features a print by Rob which reads ‘Let People Live and Work! Cap commercial and domestic rents in London’.

Lovenskate is a skate company based in East London. They screen print zines, t-shirts and skateboards and much more. Stu launched the brand in 2001 and went on to share a studio with Rob at The Mangle, Temple Street, in East London. They became good friends and previously collaboratated on a limited edition skateboard in 2009.


The first stage involves adapting the artwork so it can be screenprinted by the team at Lovenskate onto the surface of the skateboard. Libby, Rob’s assistant, works with him to adjust the artwork so it will fit perfectly onto the board. A template is created to make sure the alignment is accurate so it can be transferred onto the screen ready for printing.

Working copy two colour

Lovenskate board

Once everyone is happy with the design and the layout, the artwork is sent over to Lovenskate HQ, where the plain boards have been prepped ready for printing.

Stu has given us a little bit of an insight into where the skateboards come from and how they are made. If you are a skateboard fan, Stu assures us that you will love this:

“The boards are pressed at Pennswood, in Pennsylvania USA. They then press the boards with cold set glue into short stacks. They shape all their boards by hand. Its a small creative team, they all skate and they even have a skate park in the warehouse. This board is unusual because instead of dying the veneer, they have been given a whitewash. This is to make the wood look as close to newsprint paper as possible, whilst still being able to see all the wood grain and the details in the wood that makes each one individual.”


Once the boards have been expertly printed at Lovenskate, they are ready for Rob to sign.

Rob Signing skateboard




The skateboard now is available to buy here through our online shop.

Briony Mullan
Studio Assistant