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A Collaboration with Fragonard

Posted by on Thursday 3rd November, 2016

Rob recently collaborated with the French Perfume House Fragonard to create a range of packaging for their 2016 Christmas collection.


Fragonard is based in the beautiful French Riviera town of Grasse, it was opened by Eugène Fuchs in 1926 and has been run by the family ever since. Fragonard is named after the Gasse born painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and is a tribute to the towns heritage and its connection with the arts.

After an initial meeting in London with Fragonard’s team Rob and his wife Lorna were kindly invited to visit their museum and head office in the South of France to get more of an understanding of the perfumery and it’s history.

On his return Rob was invited to create a piece of artwork for their ‘Moment Vole‘ range, meaning ‘A Stolen Moment’. He took inspiration from the scent itself which has notes of raspberry, violet leaf, blackcurrant, tea, rose, iris, violet, wood, amber and musk by incorporating the appropriate leaves and flowers into the picture.

Rob worked on several versions of the picture until he arrived at one he was happy with. He had to take into account the scale and detail in the artwork as his drawing would be reduced down to fit on the packaging.

Once Rob had complete the drawing we worked following his line and cut it out by hand using a scalpel. The papercut was then scanned to create the digital artwork which Fragonard’s design team worked with alongside Rob’s guidance to apply the artwork across the ‘Moment Vole‘ range.


The collection includes an Eau De Toilette Gift Box containing a perfume, a scented ceramic decoration and a lasercut window decoration.



A Soap Gift Box containing a molded soap and decorated glass soap dish.


A Christmas Scented Candle Gift Box.


The collection was launched at Fragonard’s Perfume Museum in Paris and it is now available online.

Briony Mullan
Studio Assistant