Rob Ryan

’14.II.17 Compassion’ Screenprint

Posted by on Tuesday 17th January, 2017

We are excited to have launched Rob’s screenprint especially for Saint Valentines Day 2017 entitled ’14.II.17 Compassion’. The print reads ‘Here is where we will be happy’.


Over the past few months Rob has been working on a series of small papercuts, his aim is to create one per day and he photographs them on a brightly coloured background before uploading them onto Instagram. Below are just a few examples ….

The original papercut for the ’14.II.17 Compassion’ screenprint was part of this series, Rob created it last Autumn and kept it in mind to develop a print from. Every year we like to release something special for Saint Valentine’s Day and this seemed the perfect image to work from.

The papercut was scanned and inverted on the computer (so that the writing would be the right way round when screenprinted) before being printed out onto clear acetate or transparency film. The image was then transferred onto a silk screen; first the screen was coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion which reacts with UV light. The image on the acetate is placed over the coated screen and when the UV light shines onto it, the black area of the image blocks out the area we want to print. The screen is then hosed down with water in our wash-out and the image left on the screen is the area we can print ink through.

Once the artwork is on the screen, printing can begin. Rob chose this brilliant bright red for this print.



Rob says ‘After the horrors of 2016 I’m calling for ‘Compassion’ in 2017 on this years St Valentine’s Day screenprint‘.

The print is an edition of 50 and is signed, numbered and titled by Rob. Now available from our online shop.

Briony Mullan
Studio Assistant

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