Rob Ryan

YSP 40th Anniversary Lasercut

Posted by on Monday 3rd April, 2017

This year Yorkshire Sculpture Park celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary and to commemorate this milestone Rob was commissioned to to create an exclusive limited edition artwork for their shop.

Rob and YSP have developed a close relationship since his first exhibition there in 2009, ‘You Can Do Anything With a Small Brain‘. Since then they have worked on many collaborative projects together and Rob has held several talks at YSP along with a second exhibition ‘Listen To The World‘ in 2015 so Rob was delighted to be invited to work on this for their 40th year.

It was very important for Rob that the piece captured the essence of the Sculpture Park and therefore he took a great deal of time coming up with the words and imagery for the piece, Rob titled the work ‘There Are Other Kinds Of Wealth’.

Rob created several drawn versions of the artwork until he arrived at one he was happy with. When creating a lasercut the structure of the piece has to be considered as well as the aesthetics.


Rob’s drawing was then scanned into the computer and the lines are filled to turn it into a solid image. He then worked with the wonderful Sheila at Trilogy Lasercraft who sampled the lasercut in several of his chosen colours. Rob picked a dark dusty blue and a cream colour for the presentation folder which the lasercut sits within.


The lasercut reads: ‘I owned nothing yet I owned everything. I had no transport but I had my legs I had no money but I had eyes to see. I was rich in visions and wealthy in the magnificence of all I had to view. And we were millionaires.’


The front of the presentation folder is screenprinted in a grey-blue and editioned.


Each lasercut is initialed by Rob in an edition of 250, they are now available from YSP’s shop.

Briony Mullan
Studio Assistant