Rob Ryan

Valentines Day Champagne Glasses 2018

Posted by on Wednesday 7th February, 2018

Every year Rob likes to create a product especially for St Valentine’s Day, in the last this has been a screenprint or lasercut but this year he has designed a pair of champagne glasses.


Each glass reads:

“The lips that touch this glass are the lips I dream would touch mine”

Rob created a three colour design for the glasses, the designs begin as sketches that are then scanned and filled into a solid silhouette on the computer.

Josh, our printer, then screen prints the design onto special decal paper that we use for our ceramic and glass products. The designs are printed with ceramic ink, then once dry, a cover coat is applied to create a decal transfer. You can find more information on our screen printing process here.

The decals work similarly to transfer tattoos – while wet they are applied to each glass and then smoothed over to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles that may burst in the kiln and affect the design.


These particular glasses had seven seperate decals that were each applied by hand. Once this stage was complete and the decals had dried onto the glass, the glasses are put in the kiln to fire. This can be a tricky process with glass – too hot and they will melt!

Once the glasses are out of the kiln and cooled, they are polished and packaged carefully in their screenprinted box.

Our 2018 Champagne Glasses are now available through our online shop, here.

Daisy Shayler
Studio Assistant