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‘Your Light’ Valentines Screenprint 2019

Posted by on Friday 18th January, 2019

We have recently released ‘Your Light’, a multi-colour screen print created in celebration of Saint Valentines Day 2019.

Every year Rob likes to create a print or product especially to mark the occasion and this year is no different! You can see Rob’s previous creations below.

‘Somewhere In My Head There Is A Place’, screenprint 2016

‘Why Not Us Too?’ lasercut, 2014

‘There Is Only Time’ screenprint 2013

‘All Of The Thoughts’ screenprint, 2012

Rob has been developing this years print over the past month or so, beginning with rough sketches which are then traced over by hand to make the final drawn artwork elements.

The Valentine’s print is always created in three different versions; woman & woman, woman & man, man & man and so Rob draws each of these couples as separately.

All these drawings are then scanned into the computer and filled on Photoshop to create solid images. The artwork was then printed out onto transparency paper and then exposed onto silkscreen by Josh, our printer. To read more about this process see here.

Josh works with Rob to mix up and test colours before printing various colour tests. After this process Rob can decided on a final colour combination for the print.

It was printed in three stages; the moon first, followed by the background colour fade, and lastly the black silhouettes of each couple and the ground they are standing on. Josh alternated between printing the three different couples throughout the print process. The fade was made up of a set of four different shades of blue that were subtly blended across the screen.

Rob documented the entire printing process step by step on our Instagram page, head to @robryanstudio to see more behind the scenes pictures.

After printing, all prints were signed and editioned by Rob in an edition of 50 with the different couples mixed into the numbering process to make a fluid edition.

Each print reads:

‘Alone in the darkness, Trying and failing, Flawed and full of fears and doubts, Until your light was there, Guiding me, Always by my side, Shining, shining, And showing me, A way ahead

The prints are now available to buy from our online shop.

Daisy Shayler
Studio Assistant