Rob Ryan

‘A Child We Are Going To Have’



Hand-pulled three-colour screenprint,


” The father – to-be turned upon the window ledge to face the city (if not the entire world) that lay spread out beneath him. And swelled up with pride he burst out into song – louder than he had ever sung before. He could not tell you where the words came from, he certainly didn’t plan them in his head, they rose directly from his heart up to his beak and from there they travelled out across the whole town and beyond…… A Child we are going to have!! I already feel like the proudest Dad! And I don’t think I could be anymore glad! All of my life I dreamed of this day! And I will teach him or her how to fly, just like my father taught me. I want every bird in the whole world to know… A Child we are going to have!”


Paper size: 51cm x 68.5cm 
Print size: 56.5cm x 37cm
Edition size: 80.

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Date: 2012