Rob Ryan

‘Love Hasn’t Even Got Started Yet’


Hand-pulled screenprint. Featured in the exhibition ‘There Is Only Time’ at Sims Reed Gallery, London 2013.


‘As I understand it this was what happened. There was one big giant explosion and everything in the universe started to grow very, very quickly. But for all of those billions and billions of years before we were born love didn’t exist in the universe at all, it just wasn’t there yet. Vast loveless years longer than you could ever imagine. Atoms joined other atoms to create new elements that would build countless new galaxies.

But love and kindness played no part in it all.  Do we have to be so hard on ourselves to not even claim that it was through the goodness within us that it came about? But prefer to invent a story that it was bestowed on us by a man in the sky rather than admit it came from within our hearts. I look up and see how much the universe has grown and I feel that love. A newborn baby in comparison has so much more evolving to do. Love hasn’t even got started yet’


Paper size: 114.2cm x 83.7cm
Print size: 63cm x 63cm
Edition size: 10

Date: 2013