Rob Ryan

‘Could You? Would You?’


Could-You-Would-You--1    Could-You-Would-You--2-1

Hand-cut paper

Featured in the exhibition ‘There Is Only Time’ at Sims Reed Gallery, London 2013.


‘Could you? Would you? Climb inside this tiny atom with me? It’s quite cosy in here and not as small as you might first think!! in fact there’s another whole world inside here as big again as the universe itself!!!
The endless immensity of space used to fill me with an unsatisfied and fearful wonder. What mysterious power kept it all in place? Not I nor even the greatest scientists could fathom it out. 
But since I’ve moved down here with you to live amongst the protons and neutrons I have begun to feel a fantastic force of energy buzzing all around me and I finally realised that the invisible power that holds the entire universe together is your love.’


64 cm x 68 cm

Date: 2013