Rob Ryan



Photos courtesy of Coley Porter Bell

Commissioned by Coutts, Christmas 2011 to raise money for the charity, Kids Company. Three Metre high decals were placed on the windows facing Charing Cross station in London. Vignettes opened to a dolls house, a large stuffed elephant and a rocking horse which were all donated and auctioned off for Kids Company.

coutts_christmas_rockinghorse1     coutts_christmas_rockinghorse2


There were also smaller vignettes opening up to lasercut perspex bells with words such as ‘This bell will ring when some small deed makes this world a better place’  and ‘This bell will ring when the last train pulls out of Charing Cross station on Christmas eve and I am heading home at last’ These were also auctioned after the display was taken down.


coutts_christmas_bells3     coutts_christmas_bell2





Commissioned by Coutts.
Agency: Coley Porter Bell.
Decals and perspex made by Ltd Ltd


Date: 2011
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