Rob Ryan

Height Ruler 2014


Hand-printed and painted birch plywood.


‘As each year went by, and each day I got one more day older and hairier and cleverer and sillier, I ran so fast and talked and drank 7up. Until, Until, one day I discovered how thrilling it could be to walk around slowly and take my time. Looking at the things in my town as they passed me by, savouring them and enjoying them. And as i walked I realised the futility of anger. I resolved not to return cruelty with more cruelty but to always rise above it!!! I determined myself never to be dragged down to the miserable depths of their angry and bitter existences.but to always return a frown with a grin, and a scowl with a smile and a song. And I grew and grew as quickly as I could believing in forgiveness rather than holding a grudge and as I grew I slowly realised that every thing that is supposed to be in heaven is already here on earth.’


7ft x 1ft
Edition size: 24

Date: 2014
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