Rob Ryan

‘Is It Really True?’


Hand-pulled screenprint. Featured in the exhibition ‘The Stars Shine All Day Too’ at Air Gallery, London 2010.


‘Is it really true that the humans do envy us our wings? Which at the end of the day is all we really have.
I Have seen the way they look at us when we fly with such longing in their eyes.
They already have everything they could ever want but still ever crave more, this seems to be the way with them.
But we don’t envy your clever hands and fingers although sometimes when I see a mother pick up her child and hold it close to her in her arms – I think what a fine and wonderful thing that must be.
We use our beaks to build our house with whilst you use yours only to kiss.’


Print size: 79cm x 94 cm
Edition size: 50

Date: 2010