Rob Ryan

‘Our Story’



Hand-pulled screenprint


‘My Darling , I have never done anything brave in my life. but one day nearly 29 years ago in Birmingham City Art Gallery I sat next to a beautiful girl on a bench in a room filled with paintings looking down on us. How can I begin to tell you how I felt about this girl? She was so different from any girl I’d ever met before, her smile was so sweet and kind and she seemed a bit like me, that is to say solitary and ALONE.

When you are young you can’t just tell someone that you like them words are not enough , only actions suffice. And now was the time I am shaking inside a little bit and it seems to have gone very quiet and I lean over and kiss her on the lips and to my surprise she kisses me back and my heart soared up and up, higher and higher, upwards into the sky where it exploded like a Giant Firework and that my dearest was your Mother.’


Paper size: 57cm x 68cm
Print size: 44cm x 61.5cm
Edition size: 3

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Date: 2010
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