Rob Ryan

‘Planet Love Story’ Screenprint


One colour screenprint in deep blue.


‘All I want to do is get closer to you, to touch you, to hold you,

But gravity condems me to this lonely orbit. All I can do is bathe in the warmth of your glow and keep on spinning with you always in my sight, sometimes nearer, sometimes farther, that will have to be enough.

There is no such thing as eternity. One day millions of years from today I shall start to cool down and the end of my life will have begun. I will get bigger and bigger and bigger and redder and redder and redder until we are finally reunited as I consume you in my dying flames as we once again become as one.’


Paper size 74 x 76x 66.5cm approx
Print size 63 x 63cm approx

All prints are signed and numbered in an edition of 30.

Date: 2016
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