Rob Ryan

‘The Invincible Kingdom’


Third in the trilogy, following ‘The Invisible Kingdom’ and ‘The Kingdom Revealed’

Inspiring, funny and moving, The Invincible Kingdom is about following your dreams and creating your own happily ever after.
Born into a Royal family, John has always known he doesn’t want to be King. To escape his destiny he has run away and begun to build a different kind of future for himself.
But just when everything seems to be going right for John, his past catches up with him:Lord Von Dronus, the palaces most senior courtier, is determined to hunt him down, believing that as long as John is alive, he is a threat to the nation’s security.
Forced into hiding with his best friend, June, it seems as though John will never be able to live an ordinary life. Until one night he decides to put an audacious plan into action…

Hutchinson London.

Date: 2015