Rob Ryan

‘The Kingdom Revealed’


Second in the trilogy, following ‘The Invisible Kingdom’ 
This is a story about a young boy who doesn’t want to be King.
What he wants, more than anything, is to be normal.
So one night, he runs away from the palace. He climbs out of his four-poster bed, disappears through a hidden door in the ceiling, creeps down a long-forgotten passageway, opens a small window and leaves behind everything he’s ever known.
At first, the world outside the palace seems a magical place that the King delights in exploring. But with no friends to call on, no money in his pocket, in fact nothing apart from the clothes he is wearing, it isn’t long before the young King realises that life on his own is going to be full of challenges.
Meanwhile, Lord Von Dronus, the most senior of all the King’s courtiers, is determined to find the young King before anyone realises he’s disappeared.
Beautiful, touching and surprising, The Kingdom Revealed is about appreciating the everyday and learning what matters most.

Published in 2014 by Hutchinson


Date: 2014
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