Rob Ryan

‘The Pearls Story’


Hand-cut paper. Featured in the exhibition ‘There Is Only Time’ at Sims Reed Gallery, London 2013.


‘The Pearls Story.
Way down deep below the chaos of the crashing waves, down on the ocean floor where all is quiet and still. There in the darkness we grew as we slept for years locked tight inside our rocky little homes. Not a soul in the world knew that we were even there. It was the very secret of our unknown existence that made us precious and that beauty died the moment we were discovered and our shells finally and brutally prised open. We were sold into slavery to be shackled along a golden chain and end up draped around your pale and slender neck. To be admired by the entire town.
Our misery was now complete and even though we were now resigned to our new life of agonising daily public scrutiny. There was still one surprise more to come! Of all the people in the world it was you alone who felt our unhappiness at being constantly observed. You took your sharp little knife and cut the same square shape, page after page and then you unclasped us for the very last time and placed us gently inside our new home and closed the book and climbed up the tallest ladder and placed it on the highest shelf in the library. And in the beautiful dark we fell asleep and forgot anything had ever happened.’


47cm x 45.5cm

Date: 2013
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