Rob Ryan

‘These Things Between Us Stacking Mugs’

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A unique set of four blue and black stacking coffee mugs in a limited edition of only seven sets.

The mugs stack together to form the full image.

Each mug is hand editioned in gold lustre on the base by Rob.


1st mug: 

1. These things between us

2. We try so hard to hold them up

3. All day long


2nd mug

4. Scared to let them drop

5. In case they fall to the floor

6. And smash to pieces


3rd mug

7. But really it’s them that hold us up

8. They hold us together

9. Keeping up the pressure


4th mug

10. I push against you

11. And you push against me.

12. Never stop pushing


Base reads:



Each mug measures approximately 10.5 cm in height, diameter 8cm.

Height stacked together approximately 29.5cm.

Edition of 7

Date: 2018