Rob Ryan

‘You Have Already Gone To Bed’


This hand-cut paper piece was made for the ‘Museum of Us’ exhibition at the Horse Hospital in London in 2004.


‘You have already gone to bed. I stay up to keep drinking and listen music and my god it sounds good. People keep on making great music. But there are only so many notes and orders to put them in. How do they do it?? Human beings so relentless it breaks your heart. Just when you’re about to give up on them all together – the shit way they treat each other – and then you hear a song so true and beautiful you instantly forgive them everything and hear their real voice “I know I do wrong but I really want to try and be good”. And then I thought about the day after my death and all the great music that would be made from that day on and I wouldn’t get to hear a single fucking note. And I cried tears of 100% selfish jealousy. Jealous of something yet even to happen that would never affect my rotting decomposing corpse. The hot little tears of the child who wanted everything.’


Date: 2004
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