Rob Ryan

New Ryantown HQ Print Studio!

Posted by on Thursday 10th July, 2014

It has been all hands on deck here at Ryantown HQ as we have been in the process of moving our print studio from The Mangle over to our Teesdale Yard studio. There have been many stages involved in the big move and I can now show you some images of the studio starting to take shape!


Although we were only moving a few streets we needed to hire a man and a van as we had so many boxes and a lot of equipment, thank you to Abrar and Adrian from Capital Cargo for all your help – we couldn’t have done it without you!

The moving of the kiln was the biggest job, it required many pairs of strong arms for heavy lifting and we called on as many strong studio friends as we could to lift it on and off the pallet truck at either end. Thankfully it all went to plan and we were able to relax (a little tired!) at the end of the day with ice lollies all round!


We have been condensing a lot of work and equipment in order to integrate the print studio into our current space. Tom has planned the layout of the studio carefully and has been working hard to build a new home for the kiln, a new drying cabinet and lots of new shelving too. Very soon Tom will be back to his day job of printing every day rather than building!!


The kiln itself has to be boxed in so it sits within its own enclosure in the room, this is for health and safety purposes; so the fumes can be extracted from the kiln and the room when we are using it.




We’re looking forward to the print studio being back up and running again, Tom has a list of print jobs to get his hands on including a brand new edition of height rulers. In addition to this the new print studio is going to be an exciting hub of experimentation over the next few months as Rob will begin to sample new work for his show next year at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Keep a look out on the blog for regular updates!

Special thanks to Tom for all your hard work!!!

Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant