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‘Kick A Ball’ 7 Inch Vinyl Record

Posted by on Thursday 26th June, 2014

Rob has collaborated with his friend and Musician Jeb Loy Nichols to create a new 7-Inch vinyl record ‘Kick A Ball’, released on Rob’s own record label ‘Reacharound Records’. Rob has created the artwork for the record, including the sleeve, label and a limited edition signed foldout screenprinted poster.


The vinyl is a limited edition of 300 and hidden within one of the record sleeves there is a golden ticket, if you find the ticket you will win the original ‘Kick A Ball’ papercut!



The fold-out screenprint poster features the lyrics from the ‘Kick A Ball’ song. It reads:

Till the stars start to fall, kick a ball. 3 lions by a green field sat, one lion said “hey, will you take a look at that! Grown men kicking a ball up to one end, then they turn around and kick it back down again!”
A little boy watches as his friends walk away, they’d just said to him that he couldn’t play. They say “you’re just too slow you can’t be on our side!” then they stood as the little boy cried.
Now a woman comes home to find the door on a latch, a note says “I’ve gone to the pub to watch the match.” She lights herself a candle, she pours herself some wine, that’s the best news she’s had in a long, long time.
Now one man says “Brazil! another says “The Argentines!” one man says “England that’s who I’m for!” the first man makes a fist and lays him out on the floor!
Now who built the stadium? Who keeps them clean? Who works in the hotels that house the teams? Who sewed their clothes? Tell me their names, those who can’t afford to go to the games.
Now 3 lions talking and one says “why is it so? It’s just men, men and more men wherever you go!” And they’re yelling and they’re screaming and at the end of it all they stand in the grass kicking a ball.’


Rob has worked with Jeb in the past, releasing a 7 inch vinyl called ‘Apples / Miss Moon’ in 2010. The record was a 200-copy limited edition and Rob produced artwork for the cover of the record and also illustrated the fold-out short story called ‘Apples’.




Jeb also used Rob’s artwork for his album ‘The Jeb Loy Nichols Special’, which was distributed exclusively by Rough Trade in late 2011.


If you would like to listen to a sound clip of the ‘Kick A Ball’ song click here.  The record is also available to purchase on our online shop and at Ryantown on Columbia Road too.

Louise Renforth
Studio Assistant

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