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Staffordshire Dog Edition: Part 3

Posted by on Thursday 24th July, 2014

Our studio kiln is now up and running again after the big studio move and I have been making use of the good weather to work on the next stages of our small edition of staffordshire dogs.


Each dog has sections which have been painted by hand using ceramic ink. Taking direction from Rob, I painted all of the brown sections first, waited for this to dry, then painted the blue. Once the ink drys it forms a chalk-like texture which allowed me to scratch back into the ceramic to create marks, adding depth and character to the dogs.


All five pairs were then fired in the studio kiln. For me, this is the exciting part; waiting to see what they will come out like! The colour always changes slightly, when we put them in the kiln the colours are matt and when the kiln door is opened the next day they are lovely and glossy!


Once the dogs are all up to this same stage it is now time to add the gold lustre. The lustre is applied by hand in small sections, Rob instructed me to paint the Dogs collars as well as some small clover shaped flowers on their bodies, we also added lustre to their paws.


The pairs are all numbered in gold lustre on their base and Rob has also initialed the back of each dog too.


The dogs have been a long time in the making as they require so many different stages and firings, you can read my previous posts about the initial stages here and here.

There are five pairs of dogs in total, each pair will come presented in a beautiful handmade screenprinted box, look out for images to follow when Tom prints these along with a final image of our canine pals.


For those who miss out on this edition, we are currently in the process of sculpting our own Ryantown Staffordshire Dogs. Sarah is currently working to create a completely unique shape from clay. You can read about the beginning stages here.

If you are interested in being added to our Staffordshire Cats and/or Dogs waiting list, and be the first to receive information about any new editions, you can contact me directly by emailing

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