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The Kingdom Revealed Screenprint

Posted by on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

We are very excited that Rob’s book “The Kingdom Revealed” is published tomorrow!!!


To celebrate this we will be including a special signed screenprint when you buy this book and “The Invisible Kingdom” together.

The screenprint artwork was adapted from the cover with new words written especially by Rob into the path. After sampling in a couple of colours Rob settled on a two colour print in bright yellow and brown, here is Tom printing them in the studio.


First the yellow path was printed.


Then the brown printed over the top.



The screenprint is signed by Rob and reads:

And as I saw these beautiful birds calling to each other high up in the branches I realised what freedom really meant and how rare it was and I saw how much we needed to share our freedom and I only truly began to feel free when I began to want it for everyone else. There’s no freedom at all in being free if every single other person isn’t.


If you want to make the most of this limited offer place your order for both books and we will pop in one of these screenprints!!

“The Kingdom Revealed” will be available to buy from tomorrow morning!

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant



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