Rob Ryan

‘I Write These Words’


Hand-cut paper

Featured in the exhibition ‘There Is Only Time’ at Sims Reed Gallery, London 2013 and in the book ‘The Invisible Kingdom’


‘I write these words on this lonely piece of paper to nobody in the world except myself. And these marks I make here today with my little fingers by the time anybody sees them again they might be twice the size but their pattern will stay the same. But by then, who will I be?? What can I tell you ? I don’t know what I want but I know what I don’t want. 
I want to be able to find out who the little person that lives inside me really is! I want to find out what incredible things he might be capable of achieving if left to himself and if he really put his mind to it. He might write a book or open a shop or discover something that might astound the entire world, or produce a child made from love and then fill it up with even more goodness and love to send out into the world to make it ever better not ever worse.
I don’t know a lot, but I do know one thing, that none of this will ever happen here in this place surrounded by these people that deny the most simple of truths and their handsome and satisfied children that can’t be bothered even to dream of creating their own future.’


69 cm x 53 cm

Date: 2013