Rob Ryan

‘So What’


This hand-cut paper piece was made for the ‘Museum of Us’ exhibition at the Horse Hospital in London in 2004.


‘So what if he was the kind of person who cared about the people of Slough and wanted them to not be so angry. So what if he shouted at his kids and then felt terrible and begged their forgiveness. So what if his wife didn’t have a garden and lived with two children always on top of each other. What I mean is… she wanted a garden with plants and flowers to water and care for and watch them grow and flourish with pleasure. Somewhere to sit and be at peace. She did all of this within her own family already without realising. She encouraged and nurtured and fed and washed and showed them all what the meaning of goodness was and her husband who was not a good man, some of it even rubbed off on him.’

Date: 2004