Rob Ryan

‘The First Morning Of Spring’


This hand-cut paper piece was made for the ‘Museum of Us’ exhibition at the Horse Hospital in London in 2004.


‘The first morning of spring in the park. The smell in the air is fresh and full of promise + new beginnings. You feel as if you could start you life all over again and it would all be ok. Do you know that feeling? The bright sun, after all those dark winter dull days, on your face makes you feel good. Somehow I was blessed (or cursed perhaps) to feel this way all the time all the year round. On grey days, wet days, damp and black and windy days. And I cried to think who was I to be so blessed?!’

Standing on the concourse of Waterloo station under the clock waiting for you. This station is so huge, full of so many people. All doing things, on their way to somewhere to do something. On their way back from doing something somewhere. So many people. So complicated. So busy its pointless. What is it about a big crowd of people that is so heartbreaking. I started looking for you but then I started looking at everybody. You look into one face for a few seconds and then another and then another and another and another. Nobody should find such a thing sad – it’s life. It’s human. It’s busy. It’s vibrant. People doing things. That’s not sad. That’s normal. Why did I cry and cry. Did I see them all dead and gone. I honestly don’t know but….. Eventually you arrived and the sadness disappeared and I forgot about all those people. Their faces. Their lives. Their deaths. I think that being alone made me feel closer to all those people and for a few minutes I think I actually cared about them.’ 

Date: 2004
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