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Ryantoon at Baltic

Posted by on Wednesday 18th November, 2015

This weekend we celebrated the launch of our new pop-up shop, ‘Ryantoon’ at BALTIC, Newcastle.


Having been a stockist of Rob’s prints and products for several years BALTIC shop approached us earlier this year to see if we’d be interested in taking over their events space in the run up to Christmas. Always keen to exhibit outside of London, we leapt at the chance!

Back in 2009 we removed all the colourful prints, ceramics and textiles from our Columbia Road shop and replaced them with entirely black and white stock. Even the outside of the shop was transformed as we taped up every inch of colour with black and white parcel tape! In searching for a relevant title change two of Rob’s assistants who both hail from Newcastle, insisted that Ryantown become ‘Ryantoon’ in homage to their hometown (toon) which shared the same magpie like colour scheme. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take this concept to BALTIC this November where we were given free reign to transform BALTIC’s space.

Rob created some brand new and exclusive products for the pop-up shop including a lasercut, mug, tea towel and tote bag.

All the Pieces of Our Lives‘ lasercut in a limited edition of 200.

Let People Live‘ ceramic mug, screenprinted, hand decaled and fired at Ryantown HQ.


Say Goodbye to Love‘ tea towel which reads:
‘Say goodbye to love, for there is no more to be found for millions of light years in any direction. Only dusts and rocks drifting and crashing into each other exploding and dying. You could live and die in a thousand lifetimes before you find something that actually gave a shit. What are you looking for out there when right here on earth is where it’s all already happening. Because if you’re not looking for love then you’re not looking for anything worthwhile. Ryantoon at BALTIC.’


‘Only if We Work Together’ tote bag, available in natural and black canvas.

We worked hard in the studio to make lots of existing product for BALTIC too including tiles, cards and mugs.





Our friends at Tatty Devine lasercut cut some of our keys in black and white acrylic.



Tom, our printer, created monochrome artwork and screenprinted dust jackets for Rob’s recently completed trilogy of books.



In addition to all of these specially made products is an archive of Rob’s black and white collaborations, products, invitations and publications.



‘Ryantoon’ runs until 5th January 2016 and we’ll update you soon with images of the space itself.  All products are available directly from BALTIC in store and online.

Gateshead NE8 3BA

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant