Rob Ryan

Ryantown Christmas 2015 Window

Posted by on Thursday 10th December, 2015

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re pleased to show you the processes involved in making this year’s festive Ryantown window.

Rob drew an ice skating scene within a snow globe for this year’s display.



The drawn image was scanned in three layers; the globe, the skate scene inside and the snow pattern behind. We enlarged the drawings by projecting them across the studio onto big sheets of paper. We then drew around the projected lines for each of the three parts.

The first layer, the globe was drawn onto foam board rather than paper so that it would be sturdy enough to hang without warping. These were all cut out by hand using a scalpel.



Foam board was also used to reinforce the edge of the globe on each layer, this would prevent the cut out from curling at the sides. We used different shades of blue spray paint to colour each layer.

Once dry we were ready to install the display. We attached transparent thread to each section and to the top of the window. We hung each a little distance back from the other to give a sense of depth.


Once it was in place we inserted white paper behind the lettering to make it stand out.



Hopefully you’ll get a chance to visit Columbia Road and see it for yourselves this Christmas. Ryantown is open Wednesday evenings (5 – 9pm) as part of Columbia Road’s Christmas Wednesdays and as usual on Saturday afternoons and Sundays up until Christmas. We’re always happy to open by appointment if these times don’t suit you, please email to book.

Sarah McPhee
Studio Assistant

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