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New Ceramics for Spring

Posted by on Thursday 12th April, 2018

This past month at Ryantown HQ we have been working two new sets of ceramics and we’re pleased to show them in more detail here.

The first of which is these beautiful hand decorated stacking coffee mugs.

IMG_6238 smaller

Rob adapted an artwork he had recently created entitled ‘These Things Between Us’ to wrap around the stack of mugs. The full image can be seen below.

These Things Between Us

Sections of the image are visible on the individual mugs but it’s only when stacked together that the entire image can be seen and read.


In the design and making process, once Rob is happy that the artwork fits the shape of the mugs it is then scanned into the computer and filled so that it becomes a solid silhouette. The colours are then seperated into two layers and then each of these is printed separately onto a transparency film ready for Josh, our printer, to expose to the silkscreen. Once the screen is exposed Josh then screenprints the design one colour at a time onto special decal paper.

We allow the decals to dry fully before cutting them horizontally into four sections, one for each mug. Each decal is then carefully applied to each mug, it works like a transfer, this was a particularly tricky process for this product as we had to make sure they all lined up perfectly. To see a more on how we work with ceramics see a previous blog here.


Once the decalling process is complete, the edition numbers are then hand painted by Rob in gold lustre on the base. They are then fired in our kiln in our studio.

IMG_6236 smaller



1. These things between us, 2. We try so hard to hold them up, 3. All day long,

4. Scared to let them drop, 5. In case they fall to the floor, 6. And smash to pieces 

7. But really it’s them that hold us up, 8. They hold us together, 9. Keeping up the pressure

10. I push against you, 11. You push against me, 12. Never stop pushing

Base reads:


Each mug is an edition of only seven, now available from our online shop.

all for blog

We have also recently released a set of four ceramic tiles, each tile was designed and screen printed by hand in our studio in East London. The image is printed in one block colour on a white ceramic tile, with a pinking edge.

They are 14.8cm x 14.8cm approximately, and each one reads:

green for blog

“…This Story Has No Beginning and No End and…” (forest green tile)

orange for blog

“It’s Simpler Than You Think” (orange tile)

red for blog

“Here Is Where We Will Be Happy” (red tile)

yellow for blog

“Mend The Broken Pieces” (chartreuse yellow tile)

The tiles are available to buy individually or as a set of four from our online shop here.

Daisy Shayler
Studio Assistant